Amir Taaki is mostly known for founding DarkWallet and DarkMarket (now OpenBazaar). He has his faults, like all of us, but he’s brilliant. Listening to him talk, especially if he’s with Cody Wilson, is an intellectual treat. DarkWallet lets you hide your consensual Bitcoin exchanges, and OpenBazaar is a P2P marketplace for everything. The State’s days are truly numbered. Listening to Taaki, I see some similar influences that I have. I came to liberty from the left. Liberty is more left, if left and right mean anything, but I mean I grew up an anti-authoritarian Democrat. A Jeremy Scahill if you will. By the way, I’ll take a principled State hating anti-authoritarian as an ally before I count a consequences based libertarian like Gary Johnson.

I said I see something of myself in Taaki. The link above is a show called I am Anarchy. But, when asked if he is an anarchist he says no. Truly, truly I say to you, Taaki is apolitical. I’m working with Oppenheimer’s definition of the term. The political means is the violent means, and the economic means is the peaceful and transactional means. The division of labor does call for us to work for liberty in different ways, but I agree with Taaki when he says that the electoral process is flooded with our efforts. There is such thing as misallocation of our resources. Taaki eschews the label anarchist for the label anti-fascist. To me that is equivalent with anti-authoritarianism, and it is a welcome building block. His anti-fascism encourages him to want to have hidden e-mail, hidden currencies, hidden businesses and pay no taxes. You would call that anarchy, or anarcho-capitalism, but he does not prefer those labels. I don’t think he’s ignorant of the labels, but he spends his time differently. Instead of writing 30 articles a month and arguing on lengthy threads about how many thick libertarians and thin libertarians could dance on the pin of a needle, he’s developing our means of thwarting State intervention into money. We need more Amir Taakis, and less petty squabblers.

Karl Hess has a wondrous essay called Anarchy without hyphens. Here it is in audio format. It’s 5 minutes. Listen to it.

The gist of it is that we should be open to dissent if we are truly anarchists. Wave the black flag and be totally against the State. Don’t say you’re an anarcho-capitalist. Don’t say you’re an anarcho-communist. Our tiny shibboleths fail to ooze out the many meanings we wish they did to strangers. No compact phrase will have enough nuance and context. Always be ready to lucidly and tersely defend the hope that is inside you. The very hope that Jeffrey Tucker and Kevin Carson always display when talking about liberty and the future. I think Taaki does not like the word anarchy, because he hesitates to be a part of an established group of thought. We wants freedom of movement, as is obvious with the work he is doing with DarkWallet. Calling himself an anti-fascist works, because it’s like saying “I want to do it my way not your way.” It’s understandable. Mussolini and Hitler were fascists, and so people who emulate their lust for total State power will be the opposite of Taaki’s ilk.

Look at the emblem of DarkWallet and you will see Taaki’s ideology. Inversion. He inverted the so-called illuminati or ruling class masons’ NWO pyramid. I welcome him and all anti-fascists to the libertarian tradition. If you hate the State, you are surely my friend.