The conforming nonconformist anarchists have let their voices be heard all across the nether regions of the internets. For a gaggle of atheists they sure do religiously chant “Don’t vote!” and mockingly #VoteHarder . Regarding the moral reprehension of voting for any ‘representatives’ and senators in CA, I agree. Regarding judges, I have not read enough about them to make any informed decisions. But, and I mean the most gargantuan but possible, voting on measures can affect change that lovers of liberty want to see in the world. Do you want the prison industrial complex reduced? Do you want theft to be kept as low as permitted? Do you want to reduce the market intrusions by czars and commissars? If your answer is no, let the system crash, then kudos on your consistency. You’d have to say the same about the wars though. If your answer is yes, stop whining, I made voting easier for you (if you’re in CA). Just vote on the measures. Mostly against them.

Vote Like This

Yes on Prop 47 to reduce prison penalties on what should not be illegal in the first place. Prop 48 is corporatist which ever way you vote. No on Prop 1, don’t need CA bonds. No on Prop 2, rearranges stolen money and increases the top-down approach to schooling. HELL NAH on Prop 45, never give corporatist Insurance commissars any power. No on Prop 46, we regulate doctors and all other professions best with prices, not with whimsical flaming hoops provided by bureaucrats who lust for power.

I know nothing of the judges to say whether or not they would help.

Look up the propositions of CA to learn the context.