If we love liberty, we have to engage the culture. Our viewpoint is inter-disciplinary in the best way imaginable. Liberty can add to discussions of music, film, poetry, politics, philosophy, language, economics, and areas that I know nothing about. I know a smidgen about spoken-word poetry from my sparse attendance at the Last Book Store’s open mic nights, Da Poetry Lounge and even an exclusively Christian spoken-word show. Find the viral, and engage the discussion with your liberty loving eyes, ears and olfactories.

G. Yamazawa’s ballad against bigotry in “Elementary” (the link above), like most talented spoken-word-poetry, tells a story whilst dropping snap-worthy one-liners. How could I possibly restrain my fingers from snapping when I hear

before the pledge of allegiance molested my lips

G. Yamazawa’s acerbic analogy lucidly tells us the nature of compulsory schooling by the United States’ government. Compulsory schooling is a molester and a rapist in the truest sense of these terms. Nowadays, consent is not the only measuring instrument of whether or not molestation or rape is occurring. There are mental mountebanks and cranial charlatans fearmongering the masses into thinking rape happens more frequently than it does by maliciously changing the definition of rape to include consensual sexual acts persuaded by the promise to end a relationship… which is now called talking or catching feelings in the millennial nomenclature. When rape is evident, justice demands that we speak on her behalf. Truancy laws and the statolatrous pledge of allegiance that our children are subjected to five days a week are intolerable practices for lovers of diversity and consent.*

To highlight this last point about diversity see G. Yamazawa’s “Supa Dupa Fly Freestyle” and hear him say

I never knew I was a shogun cuz in school I only learned about the romans. what up my Samoan homies? what up my Hawaiian homies?

What’s the alternative? Homeschooling, trade schools, parochial (including secular) for-profit schools, nonprofit schools and B-corporation schools all grounded in consent.

Post Scriptum:

Nobody fights rape better than RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). If you want to join the fight, read their research.

*idolatry of the State