Welcome to the wonderful world of entertainment Where art, imitate, life and people get famous

Jurassic 5’s Quality Control was my first hip-hop album. There was a time when mainstream hip-hop was subversive, and even today there are subversive emcees. Immortal Technique and Lowkey come to mind first, but there are plenty out there. Art imitates life. I believe it, and so should you.


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Thai student groups distribute free tickets to go watch the new Hunger Games film with the contingency that consumers consider the similarities betwixt the current Thai regime and the fictional regime from Hunger Games. The idea is to draw connections betwixt oppressive measures. If you are captivated by a film and empathize with marginalized anti-authoritarians, why not apply this empathy to to the struggle in real life (irl). Irl the oppressive regimes around the world are not of a different kind than the regime in Hunger Games. These regimes are only different in degree and style.

When watching movies, reading books and listening to music be alert. The grand libertarian tradition is added to by conscious and unconscious supporters. The libertarian tradition hates the State. Stories and narratives work better than abstract arguments at convincing people to hate the State. We should tell people stories about oppression and liberty. We should tell people stories about coercively centralized power and the ever decentralizing consensual market process. Each story we tell will help the larger narrative of illuminating the wickedness of the State. “The State is not your friend”, we say to our neighbors after highlighting a police beating, NSA spying, municipalities silencing tour guides and committing land-theft et cetera.

Then we don our Cheshire Cat grins as our new society’s growth, within the old decaying corporate-capitalist society, increases inexorably. The Sun will inevitably shatter the darkness.