There are not a lot of black faces in the liberty movement. Yes, I know who Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams are. There are not enough. Accept that, and let’s move on. I am one of these faces. When ethnic tensions rise over social media, and this has happened frequently in the past couple of years, it is due to State power smashing against black men and women. Black communities and their allies are outraged with the State, and some normally liberty minded folk strangely argue the merits and defend the State. Don’t defend the State. Focus the anger of the blacks at the injustices of the State, and show them that it is a part of a larger context in which the State oppresses all people that do not feed at its trough.

First they have to get as mad as Hell and commit to not taking it anymore.

Then, you tell them that the State’s incompetency is not only in the production of bread that the Soviets and Maoists learned about, but also in the production of courts and security (policing). You tell them that we have to consensually produce alternative, non-State, courts and security firms for profit and nonprofit. You tell them that crypto-anarchy, crypto-email and crypto-currencies will help us do this as the State decays. Whatever you say, give them a positive alternative. Don’t just be mad at the State. Offer the better solution lucidly and tersely. That’s how liberty wins.

I did this on Facebook this evening. Being black helps, but is not necessary. Do your part. Below is how I framed it.

the creation of a direct, personal accountability between each government employee and every member of the community would effectively bring the business of government to a speedy halt.

Yes, the State does not like black people. The larger context is that the State does not likes any of us, unless we bow down and burn incense before it. The above quote is from WARREN v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. That is the case that codifies Police not needing to protect you. The State is only concerned with the ‘business’ of government. The ‘business’ of the State is theft. The State is not your friend. ‪#‎Ferguson #Missouri‬ #Blacklivesmatter